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Q. What will the Launch price of Broforce be?

Broforce will cost $15 at launch.

Q. Has Broforce been accepted onto Steam?

Yes. Broforce was accepted onto Steam on the 24th July 2013 with 82,000 "Yes" votes. Broforce is not for sale on Steam in any form yet, but all pre-orders will receive Steam keys upon launch.

Q. If I buy the game today, when will I get to play Broforce?   

A. You can play the Brototype right now for free! The Brototype will keep getting expanded until it is a complete Brologue for the game ( a mini-campaign that takes place before the main campaign of Broforce starts).

The Beta of Broforce will hopefully be ready in the next month or two and initially will have the same campaign as the brototype, but with additional features such as the level editor, challenge maps and online co-op play.

Q. What will happen to the free version of Broforce?

We will continue updating the brologue for the next while until we’re happy with it and then keep updating it so that it remains representative of the quality of the full game, but it will not be receiving any major content updates once it reaches that point. If we can support it, we will allow for online co-op in the free version as well. The length of the Brologue campaign will be close to what it is now, but will have more and better content.

Q. What is the difference between the $10 tier and the $15 tier?   

A. The $10 tier gets you access to the offline beta when it becomes available, and a Steam key when the full game releases. Offline beta means you’ll get access to all the features in the beta as they are developed (e.g. more levels, level editor, competitive modes) but you will not have a login to access online content.

We’re only limiting the amount of players in the online portion to make sure that our servers can handle the demand and that we can scale up as demand grows without everything keeling over unexpectedly.  If we feel that we can handle it, we may start allowing access to some online content for the Early Bro Tier, but you will always get access to those features in the Super Bro tier first.   When we reach the point where we feel we can support all Beta players online, the Early Bro tier will no longer be available.

Q. Why is there an asterisk next to DRM FREE?

Some of the online features of broforce will require an account, such as storing your own levels on the cloud, recording times on our leaderboards, and rating other user-made levels.  The purpoose of this is not to restrict anyone, but to ensure that players have the best online experience possible.

Playing the single player campaigns, local multiplayer, level editing and everything else will work regardless of whether you have an account or an internet connection.

Q. When will the full game be released?

Short answer: “When it’s done”.

Long answer: We really like working on Broforce and want it to be the best game we can possibly make it. The more funding we receive, the bigger and more awesome we’ll make the game. It’ll take us between 6 months and a year to finish all the features we have in mind now, but who knows what ideas we’ll get in the future?

Q. Which platforms will the game support?

A. Windows, Mac and Linux.  The beta will initially only be available in Webplayer (supports Windows and Mac) and Windows Standalone form, but we’ll make a Linux and Mac standalone build available nearer to release.

Q. Does my purchase include a Steam key?

A. We haven’t gotten onto Steam yet. Broforce is (at the time of writing this) at the #4 spot on Steam Greenlight, so it seems imminent that Broforce will be accepted. As soon as the game is on Steam you will receive a key.

Q. What if you don't get enough pre-orders, will the game be unfinished?

A. We are fully reliant on pre-orders to fund development of Broforce. If we don’t get enough funding via preorders, we’ll beg, borrow and steal to finish the game, but it will be a much smaller game than we think it deserves to be.

Q. Will I be notified when the game is available?

A. Yes! We'll send you an email when the beta is ready to download and when a Steam key is available.    

Q. How will I get access to the game, game keys and other rewards once they are ready?

A. When you complete your purchase, we will prompt you for an     email address which we will use to notify you when your rewards are ready. We are also hard at work on an account system where you will     be able to log in and see your purchases and get access to beta downloads and Steam keys when they are ready. This account system  will also be used to access online beta features.