BROFORCE Beta Update 24 July 2015


  • The Brofessional joins the Broforce team!
  • Death Match levels can now be published, played and rated on Steam Workshop!


  • FNET now smarter at switching between relay server and P2P.
  • Cut scenes no longer cause terrain not to be destroyed.
  • Bros now invulnerable for the entire cutscene.
  • Reduced character popping and teleporting.
  • Reduced ping spikes when loading the next level.


  • Brute got new head and more death frames.
  • Machines now show damage state before stun wears off.
  • Improved mook walk cycle.
  • Brute is now leess susceptible to falling damage.
  • Special death frames on grenadier fixed.
  • Mech no longer disappears when flexing.


  • Added explosion range indicator to explosions that it was missing on.


  • Megacockter boss no longer keeps going up without you if you drop down without getting shot.
  • Boss intro screens. Fixed bug getting stuck on intro screen if exiting to menu during intro.
  • Melee damage works better against terrain bosses.


  • Banelings no longer make almost never-ending screech sound when stabbed by Brodator's spear.
  • The Brode, Mr Anderbro no longer grow third arms on ziplines.
  • Bro Dredd's taser is less loud.
  • Fixed bros falling off ladder when knifing / melee'ing.
  • Combat flexing with Bro Max no longer turns him invisible.
  • Fixed Rambro and Brocketeer falling off ladder when firing.
  • Scout mook death animations added for Double Bro 7 and Brochete melee attacks.
  • Brodator spearing enemy against mech no longer makes spear float.

Level Editor, Online & UI:

  • Boulders now place blocks on the map for pathfinding.
  • Fixed bug preventing exit of World Map on controller.
  • Crates now place themselves on the map (confusing aliens less).
  • Scouts are now more interested in switches.

Small update / extension to the 2 July update.

  • New alien levels
  • New & improved alien enemies
  • New alien traps
  • Massive new intro cut scenes to most boss fights
  • Minor bug fixes


  • The Brocketeer: A jet-packed hero from the golden age of bros, with a devastating dive bomb move!
  • Broheart: The Scottish-American hero of legend whose "FREEDOMMMMM!" yell strikes fear into the heart of all that stand in his way!
  • Combat flexing!
  • Unique melee attacks!



▪ Xenomorph tumble animation added.
▪ Fixed opening Sandworm chomping animation having leftover green pixel in one of the frames.
▪ Fixed stunned tanks not destroying their turrets until the stun wears off.


▪ In Campaign City Level fixed ad board being half obscured by background and covered part still acting like a platform.
▪ Corrected zipline dismounting with a backwards force when climbing up.
▪ Corrected zipline entering from dismounting you immediately when entering near the start.
▪ Removed sparks on stationary zipline


▪ Fixed cutscene issue on Dolph Boss.


▪ Fixed Ripbro displaying at end level "deaths list" instead of Cherry.
▪ Fixed character sprite turning invisible during fights in some instances (Mac).
▪ Fixed Browilliams getting killed by Brute when using his rage special.
▪ Stopped Browilliams from getting into cutscenes when using his special.
▪ Melee bros less susceptible to alien insemination.
▪ Fixed Bro Dredd's bullets seeking alien eggs already destroyed.
▪ Fixed some bros growing a third arm when on ziplines.
▪ Disabled Mr Anderbro's dash when melted.
▪ Fixed acid covered bro sporting Rambro's headband on sprite.


▪ Fixed quick trigger cage that drops
▪ Fixed quick trigger spawning in a caged bro
▪ Greatly improved variable triggers in the level editor.
▪ Made the sign post doodad properties box accept "Enter" to make a new line.
▪ Fixed big boulder doodads (1) placement from destroying the ground during edit mode.
▪ Fixed "Play published levels offline" hanging at the level end screen.
▪ Added master and music volume controls in options.

Cherry Broling revamp! Bug Fixes:Enemies
*No animation frames for screamer getting speared.
*Spears do no damage to mook truck.
*If someone gets melted while there's a facehugger on 007s head, the facehugger still floats.
*Fixed about-to-explode grenades not panicking mooks.
*Acid drops from eggs on mech mook simply stopped against my armor and stayed there without dispersing, pushing  downwards and accumulating with each new drop.
*No big dog spear animation.
*Mooks killed by brochete knives and spears sometimes end up dead in first layer of terrain.
*Buzz saw glitch where body parts stick to it and then start growing.
*Satchels and grenades should instantly explode when touching sawblades.
*Flame Wave vs Rockets.
*Satchel Packs vs Rockets.
*Bro max boomerang when unmoving on purple alien terrain makes green blood fountain.
*Boulders don't place themselves on the grid, and so fuck with alien movement.
*Boulders don't get disturbed when you shoot them.
*Fixed sawblade turrets hurting themselves when dropping sawblades right above the ground.
*City poles under bridges can be shot.
*Poles don't collapse bridges when they fall now (at the start of the first helicopter boss level).
*City billboards collapse/disappear when the ground under them dies.
*Sign Posts have their text/background obscured sometimes.
*Seagulls sometimes fly super fast (especially at start of level when disturbed by truck?).
*Propane tanks do no disturb boxes above them any more (when shooting sideway, they disturb them when the  propane tank explodes).
*Ammo pickups don't float inside sand worms (they fall through them).
*Colour overlay issues.
*Goliath mech falls and dies when far off screen.
*Bug in Swiss Army Knife boss... His sides have no health (and die almost instantly).
*Helicopter boss, music stops playing when copter starts chasing you across (moving right).
*Helicopter boss shake is out of whack.
*Brodator: After charged spear is thrown, his frame stays as if he were still charging a spear. i.e. he doesnt equip  another spear and go to neutral.
*Brode's special on the xenomorphs - they don't get punched away like other enemies. Xenos end up killing Brode  before explosion.
*Indie, McBrover & Brodock vs saw blades.
*Ash now displays in burning jungle levels (was mostly invisible for a while).
*Indie whip must make worms go owweeee.
*Fixed Boomerang instantly being collected when it hits an enemy right next to Bro Max.
*One martini makes 007 sway.
*Brodator wins against universal soldier boss when special activates.
*Boomerang picked up by other bros (and respawned Bro Max).
*Brodator skinning: normal mooks after being speared. If you skin them they hang with tumble sprite.
*Predabro skinning: has no sprite for scout mooks.
*Fixed bug with bro corpses being able to pickup ammo, as well as long dead bro corpses continually activating check  points (and forcing bros to revive at that checkpoint).
*Created and fixed bug with not being able to run after exiting a ladder.
*Boondock bros: when dad dies, the brothers remain red.
*Brobocop special vs sandworms.
*Neuralizer doesn't affect sandworms (hidden target objects needed, like for Brobocop).
*Missing acid frames for Mr Anderbro and Double Bro Seven.
Level Editor
*Added some post-effects options to the level editor. Very rough, but level builders can make their levels look more  like the Broforce trailers (in theory).
*Improved rendering time slightly. Most objects were being rendered twice.
*The announcer announces the last bro unlocked at the start of the level if the no new rescues have been made.
*Xenomorph sounds a little less sharp in the mix.

  • Brodator Unleashed - Terror is the ultimate prey for the ultimate hunter.


  • Gif creation - You can now create GIFS easily in game by pressing "Ctrl-Shift-G". Move the box over what you want to record, press "G" to begin recording and "G" to stop recording.

 BUG FIXES: Enemies

  • Fixed Xenomorph death frame that was too large & obscured Xenos in front and behind. 
  • Stunned facehuggers from eggs that get destroyed are less weird. 
  • Fixed Xenomorph kill zone being too large when attacking. 
  • Fixed Melters in level complete death tally, just explode, leaving no green blood. 
  • Fixed the delay between hearing a sound and aliens investigating being slightly too long. 
  • Fixed 2 tiles xenomorphs standing on a vertical 1 tile block 
  • Stunned Facehuggers didn't affect other enemies (making the stunning less fun/less effective). 
  • Made thrown mooks temporarily catch mook bullets...


  • Fixed squishy alien bouncing terrain: when shot, it didn't have the rounded edges, showed as basic squares.
  • Made a version of alien doors that spawns melters.
  • Fixed alien doors. 
  • Fixed small falling boulder floating after landing on diagonal descending elevator. 
  • Made running while in acid break cages. 
  • Fixed delay before respawning and swinging camera away to come back. (The camera instantly moved to newly spawned bro now, you couldn't tell how you died sometimes).
  • Alien music slightly louder. 
  • Made blood a bit more wet looking.


  • Fixed Mammoth tank boss showing health incorrectly. 
  • Fixed death screen for original giant sandworm when killed with bullets.


  • Bronan's special now drops through zip lines. 
  • Gave Mr Anderbro a melting animation. 
  • Fixed Double Bro 7's facehugger death. 
  • Fixed Boondock Bros issue on Mech. 
  • Fixed Double Bro 7 bug when he dies while using the watch and the buzzing noise goes on until you reach the next level. 
  • Bros can no longer use their specials while being melted by acid. 
  • Fixed Bronan's bug when using special and landing on a bed of spikes.
  • Indi's whip sped up. 
  • Fixed Ash Brolliam's bug when using his special on the tank. 
  • Indiana Brones' gun art changed! 
  • Made Broniversal Soldier's special cure acid. 
  • Made bro re-spawn delay longer (it was being decreased once for every player playing... so with 2 players the time was halved... with 4 players it was a quarter). 
  • Brobocop now shoots more responsibly. He can also target sandworms and bosses.

 Level Editor

  • Fixed bug where trigger move commands could lock bros in place.


  • Fixed game not starting when not logged into Steam.
  • Refactored spawn code to fix some online issues.


  • New alien infestation levels
  • Broodworms
  • Screamers
  • Explosive eggs
  • Mega Sandworms
  • Jetpack Mooks
  • Maggots
  • Online Chat
  • New Level Editor triggers (quick triggers for aliens and force trigger swap bro / add more specials)


Campaign Map

  • After completing level 4, camera moves to level 5. Camera stays focused on 5 & only moves to show full map when chopper moves away.
  • Level 5 colour differences in chopper in entry screen & in Bro Dredd
  • Arcade city level that goes downwards: After killing Satan, the cages aren't breaking
  • City level: Rescue chopper comes in from left, when bro is on ladder, it turns right & the bro flies away midair
  • User Generated Island sometimes missing


  • Elevator boss: Issue with camera following boss while player still able to move
  • Goliath mech boss freezes when beaten, won't allow player to move on from end screen
  • Mook Kopter AI pattern
  • Mooks not scared of aliens at close range


  • Area liberated scene now shows aliens
  • Improved alien AI (including Xenomorphs suspicion & investigation states before fully alert)
  • Killing aliens sometimes leaves red blood on terrain
  • Aliens sometimes getting stuck against a high wall
  • Facehuggers bugging out when something happens to host (float)
  • Thrown facehuggers disappear for a frame
  • Reduce facehugger health by 1 (now they are always 1 shot kill always)
  • Facehuggers hug cars then bug out
  • Xenomorph corner animation
  • Reduce Xenomorph health by 1
  • Sandworms now swallow grenades


  • Double Bro 7 skipping lazer
  • Missing bro crouching with facehugger animation
  • Ash Brolliams killing aliens with chainsaw makes his face full of red blood
  • Killing aliens with some bro attacks makes them bleed red blood
  • Bro Max boomerang taking too long to return
  • The Brode's special VS Sandworm
  • McBrover satchel packs stick to turrets and sandworms
  • Bronan's shockwave now affects turrets & other machine-based terrain


  • Saw blade turrets & rocket turrets not getting activated by aliens
  • Saw blades only show red blood
  • Spike traps making certain bros float when they do specials & knifed mooks floating up when on spike traps
  • Spike traps exploding when dropped from underneath
  • Knifing terrain no effect (a "ping" and some sparks to illustrate that the bro is having an effect)
  • Alien Suction System/ASSmouth rework

Level Editor

  • Trigger switch bug with activating
  • Quick triggers not working at super check points
  • Add option to spawn remote cars from ammo crates (or not)

The World of Broforce has been infested with aliens! New alien enemies, boss fights, deathly traps and a whole new environment!

    Broforce Alien 616X353

  • We've thrown in a sprinkle of hidden holiday spirit for this festive season update.
  • Meet Double Bro 7, drinking martinis, flying his Bro-Textron jetpack, cutting up terrorists with his Omega laser wrist watch and even going deep undercover in enemy territory!
  • New User Generated Island added to World Map
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed bros disappearing at the end of a knife climb
    • Added Vsync option
    • Fixed ziplined being all messed up after a super checkpoint
    • Fixed heroes not re-spawning at checkpoints in multiplayer
    • Fixed Options menu
    • Fixed Steam intergration on Mac - online with PC players & Workshop should work now
    • Lots of online multiplayer fixes
    • and some other stuff...


  • You can now share levels and update previously published levels on Workshop
  • Automated GIF generation of all levels posted to Workshop
  • Improved custom level browsing


  • New triggers available for scripting level success, failure, victory and defeat
  • Character commands - you can now script enemies' behaviour
  • Enable / disable triggers with trigger actions
  • Mass doodad replacement tool and doodad filter
  • All Expendabros content integrated including saw blades, gun walls, new forest theme and female villagers!


  • World Map, Explosion Run, Race Mode and Custom Campaigns now available for online!
  • Improved lobby for finding and joining games (note: Online Explosion Run and Custom Campaigns are buggy, we're working hard to improve the experience!)
  • Replaced networking backend with Steam P2P API for improved player connectivity
  • You can now invite Steam friends to join your game


  • The Brode
  • Bro Max 


  • New levels!
  • New enemy - Bazooka Mook
  • All new foliage with deeper, thicker jungle


  • Hold melee to throw an enemy
  • Thrown / blasted mooks can now bounce off others
  • Flashbangs affect vehicles
  • Fixed trucks blocking flashbacks
  • Villagers are smarter
  • Spikes are not broken anymore
  • Cherry Broling is slightly stronger


  • Cherry Broling reins death from above
  • Colonel James Brodock is an unstoppable grenade spewing machine
  • Massive ingame bronouncer and mook sounds overhaul, now with 100% less copyright infringement
  • A bunch of tweaks and fixes, including:
    • ▪ Made GR-13 jump back correctly
      ▪ Fixed Boondock Bros avatar showing incorrectly for a second
      ▪ F12 now toggles HUD (rather than just hide it)
      ▪ Fixed Windows in City (and elsewhere) breaking after a radio tower start.
      ▪ More Agressive/Less Forgetful Mookopter
      ▪ Fixed Bombardment Flashes getting stuck during Time Bro Motion
      ▪ Improved Camera Trigger Actions
      ▪ Fix Dual Shock 3 controllers crashing on Macs (thanks Unity!)
      ▪ MANY fixes related to Macs and startup
      ▪ Fixed lack of propane momentum when stepping off propane tanks
      ▪ Improved Z ordering of background foliage
      ▪ A lot of work on the announcer voice
      ▪ Made muzzle flashes stick to guns
      ▪ 5% faster mook reaction times
      ▪ Scriptable enemies in Level Editor WORK IN PROGRESS!
      ▪ Ellen Ripbro's plasma damages terrain more
      ▪ Broniversal Soldier has a higher rate of fire for his primary weapon
      ▪ Villagers 2.0
      ▪ Bros can stand on mook parachutes.

DeathfromAbove banner 570

  • Meet Brominator and his zombie super soldiers. Reanimate friends and foes! Democracy will find you even cowering in your grave.
  • Time Bro. He literally...stops....time.
  • Rideable armoured mooks. Turn the tools of terror into tools of Freedom.
  • Indiana Brones re-work.
  • Save custom levels after playing them.
  • Additive load in the level editor lets you combine campaigns you've created.
  • Mammoth Kopter boss is slightly less soul destroying.

 I want to be inside you 

  • CAMPAIGN MAP: We've developed a way to deliver intel on new liberation-ready locations for BROFORCE to fly to in their freedom chopper. We now provide a visualization of the globalization of your democratization!
  • Still very rough and feedback appreciated!

 BROFORCE Beta World Map Preview 

  • BROFORCE is now live on Steam Early Access!
  • Squishier sounding swine
  • Ripbro bursts out of the chest of terror in a spray of liberty, joining the Broforce team

ripbro large

  • Optimized bandwidth consumption
  • Improved text input fields
  • Fixed in-game chat
  • Fixed bug where first level is always out of sync in online
  • Added 'join request' notification to online join screen
  • Improved helicopter mini boss synchronisation
  • Fixed a bunch of other stuff, like control set up
  • Terrorists feel pain

  • Fixed bro swapping bug (limiting players to Rambro only)
  • Fixed key binding menu

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: All saves are going to be lost with this update, in preparation for Steam Cloud. We've had to change the way saves are saved for Steam, but the new saving system will be compatible with all future versions so this is a once-off event.New competitive mode available: RACE MODE!
  • Improved knife climbing animation
  • The GR-13 boss gets confused less easily
  • No more floating barrels when removing the bottom of a barrel pile
  • Gamepads working on OSX now
  • Pause screen issue on OSX fixed
  • You can now continue on custom levels
  • City helicopter boss intro shortened after first time
  • New bro types chosen less arbitrarily
  • Mr Anderbro hand trails during dashes fixed
  • Small improvements to online campaign browser
  • New network layer now peer to peer (no more port forwarding issues)


Helicopter intros.

What will eventually be the flying-to-a-new-campaign transition, once there is a level select screen, appears a couple of times in the main campaign.

There are now backflips in the game for every bro, but the controls need some more tweaking


Dredd's rocket that was travelling through walls.

Bronan and Brochete now carry their special ammo across lives in Deathmatch (like the other bros)

The Deathmatch helicopter doesn't go through the ground, and now takes damage properly (like it used to)


The graphics and sound for Bro in Black's noisy cricket

Grenadiers now throw grenades much sooner

Grenade warning flashes are a little bigger

Ladders collapse in Deathmatch

There are more objects that glow in night time scenes

The slow motion effects on bro deaths in Deathmatch now only happen on the last death

Online Multiplayer has more networking stability and intelligence.

Fixed bug that caused major performance issues on larger stages

Updated Burning Jungle theme to use new tilesets

Included actual burning trees from the new tilesets

  • Improved online Time Synchronization.
  • Lobby now lists games hosted by players with older builds, but players with new versions cannot join them.
  • Fixed some map loading issues in online multiplayer
  • Fixed Night Time city tileset
  • Set Stormy Night as default city weather.

    • Bronan the Brobarian: A brute force, sword weilding hurricane of destruction and grunting. YAAAURNG!!!
    • Brochete: Create a suicide bomber kebab for an all-American barbecue.
    • Helicopter Megaboss: Dropping a carpet of death while levelling floor by floor, building by building, to bring you down. (And, by the way, its bullet proof.)
    • This is the first big test of the system so expect a LOT of improvements/growing pains to come. We'll keep you updated on patches, please bear with us!
    • New City look: Now in dusky orange and night time blue
    • Coconuts: With enhanced deadliness
    • Ziplines: For getting to the action faster


  • The Boondock Bros: There are two of them, but that does also mean twice the amount of bodies to catch bullets with.
  • GR13 Universal Soldier: A zombiefied-super-soldier addicted to super-soldier-regenerating-serum.
  • Villagers take up arms: Introducing village huts and villagers, who can be given guns to help fight the good fight against terror.
  • Super-size me dogs: Dogs feeding on corpses now gives them super strength.
  • Dynamic weather effects: Be prepared for anything with new weather changing effects. Day/night cycles coming soon.
  • Armoured Mooks: The terrorists have welded themselves inside two-ton suits of metal to become impervious to bullets. An effective plan, unless they try to, say, stand up.
  • Drilling-Mook-Depositors: Drills that eat through the earth and deposit mooks on the surface.
  • Reactive trees: Feel the power of your explosives on the environment as you detonate explosives near trees and watch them shake and quiver.

  • Various bug fixes
  • New avatars!

dec2013avatars p

 Brotalitometer: You can now compete to be the most manly or wantonly violent in custom levels.Level Sharing: Combined with Level Editor, you can now create, publish and upload your levels.Rate Levels: Tell Level Creators what you think of their genius and hard work, and have bros' vote on your levels as well, to bring the cream of the crop to the top.Mac build now available!ADDED!Sign posts (with words written on them)Can tag doodads in the Level EditorBrotality triggers, Entity triggers for when entities dieIMPROVED!The custom menu looks less like pandsThere will always be a bro that is spawned in the Level Editor (which is less confusing)Less z-fighting on trees and vehicles (though there is still more to do in this regard)FIXED!Stopped McBrover's satchel packs exploding arbitrarily on doorsBlocks don't float after being above cagesLevel Editor keeps better track of the level's filenameScout Mooks don't levitate while screamingSuicide Mooks are now less forgetfulSoftened the tanks' explosion of death (that had the effect of launching bros in the tanks' rockets)
Welcome Mr Anderbro to the team!avatar Nebro
Minor Level Editor update: You can now spawn barrels above bros' heads The level editor can now do some basic mathematics There is a new "Neo" only city level to practice some of "Neo"s more advanced moves
We redoubled our liberation efforts by adding in the speed liberation mode (Explosion Run). In this new mode you can race against your fellow bros, and chuckle as the oil-fueled flames consume them while you rest comfortably on your helicopter ladder 'seat'.Coincidentally we discovered oil pipelines in the Vietnamese jungle.And treacherous jungle sand.You can now use SpawnPoints in Campaign levels - to make starting points more flexible.You can force a specific bro in custom campaigns (first one to make a Brominator minigun challenge map gets a free high five).You can now make your own Explosion Run and Deathmatch maps. We'll make a better way of loading them than having to go to Custom Campaigns.Level editor will remember your last position when returning to Edit mode from Play mode.Fixed incorrect filename display.Big mooks don't invisible crouch.Rambro runs slightly more gallantly when crouching.Falling blocks are now disturbed by knife climbing (as is treacherous jungle sand).Trucks no longer grainy film out when they die.Evan managed to break everything, and then fix mostly everything in the nick of time.The Free Lives team played a lot of brilliant levels made by the handsome bros on the forum. We laughed, we high-fived, we died in a rain of bullets and landmines.explosionrunbrodown3
Various Level Editor bug fixes, including:You can only access terrain/doodads menu after a level is loadedHid some seriously broken things (e.g. spawnpoint, hidden explosive)The miniboss no longer breaks everything instantlyNoclip speed more consistantSupercheckpoints no longer cause the map to be loaded from halfway if the level editor is activeTerrain and doodads sorting alphabeticallyRemoved F12 debugFixed beehives dropping in Edit ModeFixed alarm destruction (although we still don't recommend using them, they're likely to be changed in the future)Don't go to text fields on TABFixed annoying alt-tab / box select thingYou can now duplicate a block by alt-selecting and then shift-draggingLevels sort alphabetically in custom campaign menu
Level Editor: Build and play your own levels using the same tools that we use at Free Lives. It's still a little rough around the edges, but we've got it to the point where it's slightly less easy to break the entire game by pressing one wrong button. (We hope). With your help, we can make building a level as smooth as a baby dolphin's bum.Forums: We've enjoyed stealing all your awesome ideas. In order to make this more convenient for us, we've set up an All-Things-Broforce forum. As a side benefit, you can also share your levels, suggestions and feedback here, and report any bugs. Find the forums here:
Small custom campaign (this is a test run for player-created campaigns!)Various bug fixes, including the key set up issue
Offline Death Match Beta available now!offlinedeathmatchbeta

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